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So thrilled for Views On Top to be described by as the Child of Instagram and TripAdvisor.

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Planning a vacation is hard enough when you think of all the decisions to be made, from picking destinations to choosing airlines and hotels. That’s why we’re pretty excited to check out this new travel app that marries photo-sharing sites and TripAdvisor. Views On Top lets travelers browse photos from their destination and cherry pick what they’d like to see.

Its target are the time poor travelers, as the app allows users to check out stunning shots of locations shared by either locals or other tourists. It even assists in travel photography; perhaps you want to get your own shot of the Taj Mahal at dawn or the perfect capture of Copacabana Beach from a secret roof deck, well snap-happy visitors can share tips for snapping that perfect shot.

Along with the great images, each photo comes with a thorough run-down of the amenities of the area. Dining, drinks, outdoor activities, iconic views and ideal observation points are all noted to make exploring stress-free, and you can even make tour bookings and phone calls directly from the app.

For the travelers who enjoy sharing statistics, the app even includes specs of structures (like the Eiffel Tower’s height) or the elevation of mountains (like Machu Picchu).

Views on Top also allows you to browse potential destinations and select them to go on your bucket-list for future inspiration. Add to it the easy linking with your Facebook profile and we can see how the app could easily become a secret addiction for the well-informed.