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The world’s best views collated in new app

18 Jun 2014

Launched in May 2014, the Views On Top iPhone travel app is an innovative tool to find great views from skyscrapers, towers, monuments, waterfalls, roller coasters, observation wheels, bridges, mountains and parks around the world. Featuring rooftop bars, panoramic restaurants and cafes, hotels, drives, hikes, train journeys, gondola rides, zip-lines, bungy jumps and more, Views On Top also encourages users to suggest locations to add to the app.

Great for time-poor, first-time or seasoned, leisure and business travelers alike, Views On Top combines pictures with travel guide information so users can check out what they’ll see at a location and know in advance, what’s there – from dining options, drinks and observation decks to activities – plus direct from the app, phone to check details, book tickets to attractions and reserve hotel rooms.

Entrepreneur Margaret Scott, who has had a lifelong love of travelling, created Views On Top. Says Margaret; “When I started travelling in my early 20s the internet didn’t exist, so I had to rely on a 5cm thick guide book with no photos. I quickly realised the best way to get your bearings in a new place was to find the highest vantage point and from there, work out where to go next.”

Views on Top_2Ever since then, Margaret has made it her mission to find the highest lookout in each location she visits, seeking out that spectacular moment of discovery as a panoramic view unfolds.

“I’ve often been frustrated, not knowing where to go for the best view, or where to go for a drink or a meal with a view. So in 2011 I decided; there should be an app for this!”

Margaret has spent the past two years researching destinations for Views On Top and the app currently includes over 700 places in 84 countries. From rooftop bars in New York to panoramic restaurants in Hong Kong, mountain top views in Switzerland to adrenalin rushes at towers and bridges around the world, Views On Top aims to have all the best ‘up-high’ locations for views, entertaining experiences and adrenalin activities.

Views On Top shows how to find each place, with contact details and information on opening days and times. Perfect for planning a trip or searching new experiences, users can easily find places with great views ‘near me’, wherever they are with Location Services turned on.

Other great features include the ability to keep track, on personal world maps, of places visited and build a ‘bucket list’ of places to go. Uploaded images are credited with the user’s name and it’s easy to share comments and post recommendations to Facebook and Twitter.

“If you know of a top view, scenic destination or rooftop bar that hasn’t been included – please suggest it! Views On Top is a really easy, fun way to share favourite views with others.”

Views on Top is free – Download on the iPhone AppStore.

Does your hotel have a great spot to view the world? For more information, interview opportunities and to suggest locations to add, please contact: Margaret Scott, Founder & Chief ViewOlogist at