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Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas.

This morning I enjoyed breakfast in San Francisco with two women from Paris who were looking forward to visiting Las Vegas in a few days’ time.

They hadn’t been planning to pay any attention to the Vegas’ copy of the Eiffel Tower during their visit, given they can enjoy ‘the real thing’ back home, but I encouraged them to make a point of visiting the tower for its wonderful views.

Once the highest tower in Las Vegas, the Eiffel Tower Experience is exactly half the size of the Paris original and is now dwarfed by the many casinos surrounding it.

Eiffel Tower Las VegasEerily protruding through the roof of the casino below, the towers’ four legs stand oddly over an entrance to the casino and amongst the poker machines and gambling tables inside.

View from Eiffel Tower, Las VegasThe entrance to the tower is at the back of the casino and your journey begins with a walk on a bridge above the casino floor, with lanterns and architecture reminiscent of art-deco France, before you enter a quaint triangular lift with glass front that quickly takes you to the top.

View from Eiffel Tower, Las VegasJust like the real thing in Paris, the observation deck at the top is protected with a wire cage and space is limited so at busy times, you may have to wait for people to leave before you can ascend.

The top of the tower reveals panoramic views of nearby and distant buildings, mountain ranges in the distance and best of all, the Bellagio fountains directly across the road.

Watching the fountains from Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas..

For those in the know, the place to dine with a view in Las Vegas is the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Accessed by a separate entrance to the tower, the restaurant is about a third of the way up and faces the street with an incredible view over the fountains.

It is a truly divine experience to savor a delightful French meal whilst admiring the regular fountain shows, ever-changing electronic sign boards and lights of the nearby attractions on the strip.

I was privileged to dine as a guest of Caesars Entertainment, owner of the Paris casino and Eiffel Tower Restaurant, and will be sure to return next time I’m in Las Vegas.