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We’re one of the¬†favourite travel apps in July 2014’s Traveltalk Smart business ūüôā

Proud to be in the company of favourite travel apps by major travel organisations, Views On Top now has over 700 destinations in 392 locations across 85 countries. Becoming one of the favourite travel apps for leisure and corporate travellers alike, our users are growing as word spreads.
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Views On Top in July 2014 Traveltalk

Views On Top in July 2014 Traveltalk

Traveltalk is a multi award-winning, easy-to-read travel news magazine that has been a familiar sight on the desks of travel agencies across the country for thirty years. Written by experienced nationally and internationally-based journalists, eEvery month, Traveltalk delivers industry news, perspectives on travel and tourism issues, features on international and Australian destinations, and cruise, property and special themed reports, to every travel agency in Australia, with the aim of providing them with information and insights that will help them better sell and service their travelling clients.

Traveltalk’s core reader group is made up of front counter travel sellers and it is widely read by wholesalers, accommodation suppliers, carriers and the travel and tourism industry in Australia and the Asia Pacific. It is Australia’s only travel trade magazine with a trade and consumer readership.