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15 April 2019

By Christian Leetz, dpa


Every tourist today has a little wonder device in his pocket: the smartphone. Travel has become much easier. Accommodations are easy to book while you’re on the go – and thanks to Google Maps, you can barely walk.

Many practical applications are pre-installed on the iOS and Android operating systems. But there are also many useful and curious apps that not every traveler knows. A selection:

Views on Top: Where is the best view?

Tourists crave for panoramic views! If you want to know where the best vantage points are in a destination, download the Views on Top app. For example, there are accessible roof terraces, bridges, towers, viewing platforms, hotel pools or giant wheels? Places that offer a magnificent view. If you want to plan in advance, use the functions “Location” or “Category”. Otherwise, simply activate the “Close to me” feature on site to see the best seats available? including information and directions. The free travel app is currently only available for Apple devices.