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At 508 metres, Taipei 101 is the fourth tallest building in the world. It is so named for its 101 floors, but there are quite a few other significant numbers, that all have something to do with the number 8.

Taipei 101 the world's 4th tallest building.

Each clearly defined section of this tower is 8 storeys and there are 8 sections in total. The number 8 has significance – it means prosperity.

Taipei 101, TaiwanOn the 88th floor there is a huge suspended construction called a damper which weighs 660 tonnes and balances in the centre of the building, stabilising it and protecting it from the effects of an earthquake. The damper is made of 41 layers of thick steel and is suspended by 8 42-metre long steel cables that are each 9cm in diameter. It reduces movement of the tower by a whopping 40%.

The fastest elevator in the world takes you from ground level to the 89th floor in 37 seconds (be prepared for your ears to pop several times on your way up.

taipei 101, TaiwanThe view from the 89th floor is spectacular, as you would expect and it’s a toss up which is better – daytime or nighttime?

the view from Taipei 101, TaiwanThe entrance is a little tricky to find, being on the fifth floor of the shopping centre but don’t worry – the Taiwanese are incredibly friendly and helpful so don’t be shy to ask for directions.

I highly recommend stopping for lunch or dinner in the basement level at Din Tai Fung – surely the world’s best dumplings?

Din Tai Fung, Taipei 101, Taiwan