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Find Good Views
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When on vacation visiting someplace new, it’s almost human nature to seek out these types of places, places that require big rides or climbs straight up in order to give you that wow bird’s eye, panoramic view.

Well, Views on Top is an app trying to compile a list of all those types of places around the world to make them easier for you to find.

You can either search by activity or place or just poke around a map. Once you find a place, tap on the picture to get a few of the views, scroll down for information like where exactly it is on a map and how to book a tour to the top or a meal on the top if it’s a restaurant.

The app still has plenty of work to do compiling a more comprehensive list of these views, so it encourages you to add your shots and recommendations to the map to help with that effort.

Views on Top is a free app right now for iOS devices.