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Me - facing my fears on top of Q1 tower on the Gold Coast.

Conquering my fear of heights on top of the Q1 tower on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The tallest building in Australia is on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the ‘Q1′ residential building with a hotel topped by the Sky Point observation deck 230m above the ground.

The building claims the title of ‘tallest Australian building’ as the top of its spire is about 25 meters higher than the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

At the top is an observation deck, lounge and café with fabulous views over the hinterland, coast and ocean.

Locals can buy annual passes for not much more than the price of a couple of visits and on the two occasions I’ve been here, there’s been a happy buzz with people enjoying a drink/ snack/ chat.

There’s also an adrenalin adventure option to climb outside, which I did and can highly recommend it to conquer your fear of heights!


The view is lovely in any weather. On my first visit I’d booked to the do outside climb a couple of days before and was very disappointed when they had to cancel my adventure due to poor weather. I gladly accepted their generous offer of a free pass to visit the Observation Deck and the view was fabulous, with distant lightening and rain along the coast adding to the drama of a ‘bad weather’ day.

My return trip in clear weather delivered fabulous views. I was glad not to have been up there with a strong wind or heavy rain!